Check out the premiere of DJ C-prod-G performing a live set on a Virtual Fair

Times are definitely changing and will probably never be the same due to this unprecedented pandemic caused by the COVID 19. Social distancing is the norm, going on several months, and the end is not close by a long shot. With businesses that cater to socializing being force to come to a complete halt, DJs are being forced to be creative to share their talents to make ends meet. Thanks to technology, DJ’s are using social media and streaming services to perform live DJ sets. With the likes of famous DJ’s such as DJ D-Nice, Questlove, and DJ Jazzy Jeff streaming DJ sets from their home to your home, it has become quite successful and many other DJs have quickly followed suit. So, I thought I might as well get in on the action as well.

I am happy to announce that I will take part in making history by participating in a brand new, fresh way for vendors to showcase their products and skills on a new platform called a virtual fair! For two days, Friday and Saturday, I will be DJing a 2 hour set for the Renegade Craft Virtual Fair. My set will be from 6pm to 8pm on Friday, May 8th & 1pm to 3pm on Saturday May 9th. Playing dance music of all genres and covering many decades, come join in on the fun and be sure to visit the other vendor’s portals as well to see amazing products and art. Please check out the link below for more info:

Come join in the fun and take part in this amazing fair in the comforts of your own home. I hope to see you there!!

#RcVirtual or @RenegadeCraft

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