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  1. DJ C-prod-G was so wonderful to work with for our wedding – and he will definitely be our go to DJ for any event moving forward! The two things that I heard the most about our night was 1) how delicious the wedding cake was and 2) how the music was on point. Cornell was responsive and did a great job of executing our vision (we are a highly organized, type A couple), but also very responsible and followed up and kept us on track when we needed that extra support. He’s incredibly warm and friendly, has an awesome music collection and sense of artistry, and kept the crowd bumping until the very last song!!!

  2. DJ C-Prod-G is the type of DJ that makes you not want the night to end. Exceptionally talented, incredibly kind, so easy to work with and generally just an all around great guy! The best!

  3. I first heard Cornell DJ at Huckleberry Bar and though I was on my way out as he began djing, the music/vibe/volume/transitions made me stop in my tracks and begin dancing!!! I thought to myself that I haven’t heard someone dj like that in a long time. We stayed a whole extra hour just because of how awesome the music and djing was. After that, I knew I had to hire him for our wedding! It was the best decision we made (aside from getting married lol). No one could turn down dancing when Cornell Djed– even people who I’ve never seen dance before in my life got up to groove. Not only does Cornell have a great selection of playlists (we didn’t even need to give him any direction when it came to what we wanted him to play), but he is also wonderful to work with and absolutely friendly and kind!!! We did have him play several music selections during our ceremony and he took direction perfectly since we didn’t even rehearse! Exceedingly punctual and professional. I can’t reccomend him enough. He’s our go-to DJ.

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  5. As someone who came up in the clubs and warehouse parties of early ’90s Detroit, my standards for a killer DJ are pretty damn high. So believe me when I say that Cornell is the real deal. After seeing (and dancing to) several of his club appearances, I invited him to DJ my wedding celebration, where he absolutely tore up the turntables, and turned a tiny dive bar into the hottest, most soul-soaked dance club in Brooklyn. He also provided several killer mixes for my wife’s birthday party. His knowledge and respect for music across all genres is epic, and—most importantly—his ability to feel out a room and match the energy of a crowd is immaculate. Respectfully, if your people aren’t dancing their asses off by the end of a C-Prod-G set… you might be hanging out with the wrong people.

    These days, any clown with an iPad can claim to “bring the funk”. But Cornell hand-delivers it, steaming hot, on-time and on-point, every time.

  6. It really doesn’t get any better than having Cornell behind the tables at a party. I’ve known him from around town, DJing some of the best parties and bars in New York City and I also hired this musical mastermind for my wedding. I don’t known what it is, maybe it’s those Midwestern roots combined with that “Brooklyn ’till I die” mentality, but he is as intuitive as he is passionate. And if that doesn’t do it for you, I really don’t know what will. The dance floor is never, ever empty and that’s because, put simply, he knows what he is doing.

  7. Cornell made us groove. Hard. Sarah and I got married this past summer, and couldn’t of been happier in having Cornell DJ and set up all of our sound needs. He took all of our music requests into consideration, and filled in the gaps with non-stop tunes that blended in seamlessly with the rest of the vibe, setting up one hell of a dance party. We couldn’t of been any happier.

    His musical knowledge is extensive, he was professional from start to finish, and is just an all around great dude.

  8. I have never danced harder, with more joy, and sweated more than I have when Cornell DJs. Not only did he DJ our wedding – I’ve also been attending his dance parties for the last 5 years, and they are some of the most fun nights I ( and all of my friends) can recall.

    Cornell has extensive music knowledge, and is a wonderful dude – so fun, so awesome, and super great to work with. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll book this guy stat.


  9. Molly and I got married on Memorial Day Weekend, May 28th 2017 and Cornell made it a party. Cornell came highly recommended and still exceeded our wildest expectations. He got everyone on the dance floor and kept them there with great tunes and great timing. So many people came up to us to compliment us on the DJ that it was incredible. He worked with us on what we wanted and also followed his incredible instincts.

    And when our venue had to clean up and close, the party didn’t stop. Cornell agreed to join us for a smaller dance party inside after quiet hours in the tent. He set up a mini station and kept the party rolling long into the night until we couldn’t feel our legs.

    Bottom line: Cornell is the best DJ I’ve ever seen.

    It’s just a bonus that he’s also an incredible mensch and a delight to work with. This will be the easiest and best decision you could make for your wedding.

  10. Cornell DJ’d our wedding in Brooklyn on June 3, 2017. Firstly, he was collaborative before the wedding on picking the overall flow of the evening as well as talking about specific songs. This gave us both confidence that the evening would go smoothly and be enjoyable for our guests.

    Secondly, he can help “MC” milestones within the night (e.g. announcing it was time for the guests to eat, dance, drink, leave) but do so in a friendly, fun, approachable way.

    Lastly, we had multiple people who attended our wedding ask for the wedding playlist. Cornell kept the party going all night and everyone danced their faces off.

    I couldn’t recommend him more highly for anyone looking for a DJ for any kind of event.

  11. Cornell DJ’d our wedding on 5/13/2017, and we couldn’t be happier.

    First and foremost, he keeps the dance party going like none other. People were coming up to us and saying that they had more fun dancing at our wedding than any other they’d been to in a long time.

    Second, he has deep deep musical knowledge, which he blends with a keen sense of how to keep the crowd moving. The result is that we had both hardcore music fans and people that just want to boogie both tells us how much they loved Cornell’s set.

    He will cater the music to your specifications. We gave him detailed suggestions for each phase of the night (i.e., jazz for dinner, 60’s soul for early dancing, 90’s and beyond for later, crazier dancing). He ran with each category, blending in the songs we suggested with others that were the perfect complement.

    Third, Cornell is an excellent master of ceremonies. His announcements (dinner, toasts, etc.) were polished, professional, and perfectly timed. His announcements really added a professional touch to the evening.

    Fourth, his equipment is top-notch, and he was able to provide us with everything we needed for the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner music, and after-dinner dancing.

    In sum, I highly recommend Cornell. He’ll make your wedding (or any other event) very special.

  12. Cornell is THE Man! He worked with me on my Funky 50th birthday party. He was easy to converse and plan with before the event, and he was 100% on point throughout the night. That was one year ago, and my friends are STILL raving about Cornell’s song choices. You won’t sweat this guy’s technique, trust me!

  13. Cornell is a human encyclopedia of literally every genre of music. His ability to read his audience and construct a dance party that hits the right beats at the right times is an experience everyone should have. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a wonderfully generous and loving human being. Book him now!!

  14. Cornell can supply ANY genre of music you desire and still manage to introduce you to your new favorite tracks. He’s the best!

  15. Cornell isn’t just a pretty face with a heart of gold — he’ll get inside your head, get you on your feet, and keep you there all night long. You know when you swear you’re going to take a break / get a drink / go pee “right after this song” and then ANOTHER one comes on that’s irresistible / surprising / groovy / the one you forgot was your favorite EVER and you JUST CAN’T LEAVE THE DANCE FLOOR? That’s what Cornell does. Book him immediately.

  16. Cornell DJ’d our wedding two years ago and we’ve since recommended him to Ruti’s sister, cousin and other family members and friends. Because he’s awesome. First off, he is professional, reliable and on time. But just as importantly, he has a great knack for getting people to party and dance (so hopefully that’s something you’re interested in). His taste is eclectic in a great way, he can cater his style to your preferences, and he gets people of all generations on the dance floor. All in all, he really made us feel like music was a non issue in wedding planning. And all our friends noted that the music and dancing atmosphere was among the best they could remember. Also, we would have sent this recommendation earlier this weekend… but we were at a wedding that Cornell crushed!

    In short, we highly recommend him.

    All the best!

    Ilan and Ruti

  17. My wife (gasp!), Andrea, and I recently got married in Hanover, NH. We had the pleasure of having Cornell as our DJ and could not have been happier.

    To start with, his communication, right from the start, was excellent. We had a couple of in-person meetings about timelines, musical preferences, order of events, etc., and he had some very helpful suggestions on how to best optimize the process.
    He gave us a detailed description of his equipment and the suitability vis-a-vis the space that we were considering for the reception. He also had helpful suggestions on how to place the equipment both for the cocktail hour and for the reception. Since ours was a mix of indoor and outdoor events, it was important to us that he be able to transition smoothly between the two. He did.
    We had given Cornell a long list of songs that we wanted to hear during dinner, cocktail hour, dance part, etc. We decided to let him decide how best to mix those songs with his own repertoire. He did a great job and we felt that our guests really enjoyed our music. At the end of the day, you want your guests (and you, of course) to have a great time. To that end, Cornell was a great facilitator. He has the experience and the instinct to read the crowd and whatever minor snafus came up, he dealt with them calmly and proficiently.
    He was punctual and we felt confident that music was one part of the wedding that we didn’t need to overly supervise. In short, Cornell was super.
    We have no hesitation in recommending him highly.

  18. The week before your wedding, every email, call and text from a vendor is a potential day ruiner. That’s why my brow reflexively furrowed when I saw that Cornell emailed me four days out, only to flip to a big grin when I read the text, which was in its entirety, ‘Your party is gonna be ape sh*t bananas!’ It was easily the best email I got from a wedding vendor and chatting with Cornell over drinks about the kind of music we wanted was one of the funnest and most relaxing parts of wedding planning.

    Now onto the wedding itself: Cornell’s music was incredible. So many guests camp up to us during and after the party to ask who our amazing DJ was. Every time he put on a new song I had to fight the urge to fist bump/high five/hug him for knowing exactly the right song to play every step of the way for four hours. My wife and I have been to a wedding that QuestLove DJ’d and you know what? Cornell was better!!

    Cornell was not just our wedding DJ, I consider him our musical Rabbi. So yeah, we recommend him.

  19. Cornell was our late night wedding DJ and he was so on point. He included ALL of our requests and seamlessly read the crowd, knowing exactly when to push forward or to groove in place. Our dancer friends and ‘non dancer’ friends all felt equally impelled to shake it. Thank you, Cornell! It was a night to remember, we had so much fun!

  20. Cornell DJ’ed our wedding this past Saturday and it was EPIC!!!! He knew exactly how to read the crowd and got the adults and “kids” dancing up a storm. We started at 4pm and the dance floor was still packed at 2 am. Could not recommend Cornell more!!!!

  21. Cornell just DJ’d our wedding and it was the most epic dance party of our lives! Once the dance floor got going he did not let it die. He took our MANY song requests and put his amazing spin on the music making it the best combo of personal selection and master DJ jamification. In other words, he turned our party up to 11. He knew when to be an MC and when to let the party ride. This is the man you want if you want your friends to tell you they have never had so much fun at a wedding.

    So professional, such a sweetie, just an amazing guy. Book him!

  22. Do not try to put this man in a box. He will rattle you stupid with the diversity of music he has at his fingertips and he knows how to use it. well. To say that he brings the best dance party is an understatement. You’ll also have an entire night of “holy shit, I forgot about this song and I LOVE it”. best. time. ever.

  23. Cornell is an amazing DJ. For 3 days and 3 nights we were supplied with endless music, whether we were hanging out or dancing ourselves stupid, the music was always right on the money. Having a DJ that truly wants everyone to be having a good time from start to finish made the whole weekend that much more special. Thanks Cornell!

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