Ain’t No Party Like A Dance Themed Party

Happy New Year! This is DJ C-prod-G, entertainment extraordinaire, and welcome to the first blog post of 2018.

Winter has officially made it’s presence known by dropping a foot of snow in NYC. I’m currently bundled up in my cold Brooklyn apartment since the landlord prefers the heat off during the day.

The price you pay to be a DJ.

Who’s excited for 2018?!?!?!?!

I thought so. Me too.

Now, what I want to discuss about is the dance party and why it is important to associate a theme. People require relevance in social gatherings so that they can feel comfortable with letting loose. Dancing is a form of expression through movement and the music is the driving force. When you hear songs that are familiar it can trigger many impulses of your stimuli.
The impulse could be a memory or an emotion and it is something that can be cherished or despised.

I love it when a person approaches me while I’m DJing and they confide in me their love for a song I just spun. There are even times I play a song that I am not particularly fond of and as I scan the dance floor of happy faces I spot a sole individual who shares in my displeasure. I love that.

A connection with someone or a group of individuals through the mix of songs that can give multiple meanings and relations is what makes life so meaningful. The recognition of something that is shared with others, who may be strangers or familiar, can help shut down your apprehension barriers that are constantly held up for protection.Especially here in NYC, it is required to have barriers up because we are constantly on top of one another.

Just ride the MTA subway for reference.

That’s why people are so intent on going out on a Friday night with the intention to dance their butts off because they want to let loose, open up, express and release all of their pent up aggression from the hard week of work. And who can blame’em! Out with your friends, hoping to have a night to remember and the music can get everyone on the same page.

As a DJ I am always looking for that song or a mix of songs that connects with the listener(s). For example, when a DJ can get a dance crowd to do sing alongs, there is no better feeling of accomplishment!
It’s like a surfer riding that perfect wave without falling off the board.

Connection is everything, it is in the music when the songs are blended together, it can create nostalgia or brand new memories, and it is felt when two complete strangers grind with each other on the dance floor for the first time. This type of interaction is essential for the human psyche, especially since our culture is so exposed to individuality with the ongoing rise of technology. Why have a verbal conversation with someone when it can be so convenient to send a quick text message with an emoji at the end? You can’t hashtag music, or at least, not yet, god forbid.

So, when there is a theme to a dance party, it can already establish the connection that is required for the DJ to drive the energy of dance floor. A theme will give the potential listener the familiarity needed to let themselves get lost in the music. The expectation of hearing certain songs related to a theme will only increase the potential joy factor.

I have created so many themed parties and I don’t intend to stop the creativity. I have witnessed countless amazing interactions at these parties that it only leaves me craving for more. The mixes I have posted on my website are mostly from themed parties I’ve hosted in the past. Each party had it’s on persona, but the results were all the same; a damn good time!

Below is a mix from a party I hosted a few years ago and the theme was Rock music and the introduction of the digital drum. I curated a playlist of rock songs in the 80’s that would consist of drums sounding electronic, which was very prominent in genres like New Wave and Synth-Pop. The party was a complete success and I was very pleased and relieved to hear much positive feedback from the listeners. Please check out the link of the mix below and you can hear it on the “Sounds” page of this website:

If you are an aspiring DJ and want to host a dance party, I suggest you put a theme to it. It will make it easier for a DJ to construct their playlist because it will be concise and specific. Also, the listener(s) will be appreciative because the theme will bring a familiarity to the music that will make them feel comfortable and connected. At the end of the day it is all about having a good time and what better way to do that than a relative idea that everyone can connect with and jam to?

I am listening for any alternatives…None? Thought so.

Rock, rock on, ya’ll!

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